LUX Style Awards 2012 – Vote Now

Have you started voting yet? For Nominations: Watch here To vote: Click here May the best man/woman win!   Stay tuned for results! 🙂  

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow! :)

I wonder why Father’s day isn’t as hyped up as Mother’s day was – I mean all the celebrities crying on TV, companies offering discounts, Facebook statuses, and everything. Aww, poor fathers, sorry… Continue reading

Why all this Buzz regarding Aishwarya Rai!

I write after being super annoyed. I came across this on facebook: No offence intended for the one who created this, I know it meant to offend no one and was just shared… Continue reading

Fashionpedia: Deepak Perwani

Profile: Deepak Perwani is truly one of the best. Starting off in Men’s wear in 1994, DP redefined fashion for men. In 1996, he started his women line as well. His life is… Continue reading

Did you ask what is Fashion?

Fashion is me. In my every move, in my slight flick of neck as hair cover my eyes, in my side glance as I look at someone who deserves nothing more than a… Continue reading

Areej Usman’s Blog – Give away

GIVEAWAY: L’oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Perfect Red! (Pakistan Only) Hey Girlies………….. Its been a few months I held a GIVEAWAY on my blog!I guess it was before my baby was born in… Continue reading

Fashionpedia: Karma

Profile: Karma was found in 2000 – now another name of excellence. An established brand with many new exciting projects coming up, including Karma Fabric. Historically Karma started off from a drawing room,… Continue reading

Review: CK’s Velvet Blush

I have made another discovery! This soft pink blush by CK is called ‘Desire’. I got it for Rs. 1100 however I think the shopkeeper ripped me off. I would highly recommend it… Continue reading

Red Pants Swagger!

Dangerous? Dynamic? Exciting? Red pants may be loud, but they are the heart of the season! If you are going for casual, or are searching for that magic ingredient to hot up your outfit,… Continue reading

Summer Tips: Wood Eyeliners vs. Liquid Eyeliners

I was watching this soap the other day with my mother and sister, and it got kind of emotional. When my brother entered the room, I think we scared him and now he… Continue reading