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19th Amendment Launches an Indiegogo Campaign

Press Release (July 3, 2013) – Fashion tech company, 19th Amendment, is running a crowd funding campaign on with the goal of raising $19,000 in supporter donations to innovate the future of the fashion… Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories against EyetoEye

Remember those Memes on Facebook which go like: What if we are actually high and weed makes us normal, well, what if this man is not as intolerable as he projected himself to… Continue reading

Flare it up, Girls!

By Zahrah I love the fashion these days in Pakistan. There were days when Patiala Shalwar and Short shirt ruled the fashion scene and that they did for almost three to four years,… Continue reading

‘The Man’, who is a Woman! – The FLY Store

I love how inspiration comes from everywhere around me! And with inspiration, comes a new post! So, Hello, I am back!  This post is about ‘The Man’, who is a woman. Given I… Continue reading

Garnier Color Naturals – Do it yourself

Garnier Color Naturals, a very reasonably priced Hair color, has come up with a new tutorial series, ASK GARNIER. A very interesting initiative, aiming to educate the public about how to do stuff… Continue reading

Fry your money: Lahore Iftaar Guide

AVARI LAHORE IFTAR DINNER BUFFET: Rs. 1350 + tax (Kims) IFTAR DINNER BUFFET: Rs. 1350 + tax (Tollington) TAKE AWAY IFTAR BOX: Rs. 750 + tax (La Patisserie) SEHRI: Rs.900 + tax (KIMS) MAISONETTE LUXURY APARTMENTS  IFTARI:… Continue reading

Coloured Skinnys: Hit or Miss?

This summer, everything bold has been in. Starting from different shades of orange, moving on to Neon, trends have been all about experimenting with a burst of colors. Since ancient times, we have… Continue reading

SILK by Fawad Khan

What to expect? After numerous brands launched by different artists/singers, I don’t really have much hope. But it’s Fawad Khan, so one does kind of think, maybe his collection will bring something new… Continue reading

New Sigma Brow Design Kit!

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Sale Shopping!

My cousins were over so we went out shopping to check out sales. I got a few stuff, it was a happy trip! Finally got the red jeans I wanted to, although they… Continue reading