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Rabi Makeup Glitz – 300 Followers Giveaway

This post is for MakeupGltiz giveaway: The winner will be selected based on Lucky Draw, the information of both gifts is as below: First Prize :  Oriflame Pure Color Lipstick Oriflame Pure Natural… Continue reading

Why all this Buzz regarding Aishwarya Rai!

I write after being super annoyed. I came across this on facebook: No offence intended for the one who created this, I know it meant to offend no one and was just shared… Continue reading

Review: CK’s Velvet Blush

I have made another discovery! This soft pink blush by CK is called ‘Desire’. I got it for Rs. 1100 however I think the shopkeeper ripped me off. I would highly recommend it… Continue reading

Summer Tips: Wood Eyeliners vs. Liquid Eyeliners

I was watching this soap the other day with my mother and sister, and it got kind of emotional. When my brother entered the room, I think we scared him and now he… Continue reading

Garnier Color Naturals – In Budget!

A lot of myths exist around hair coloring. For instance, I remember my mother always telling me that she had these long repunzal hair in college, but since she loved experimenting with different… Continue reading

A Daily Skin Routine is as important as Brushing your Teeth!

We can all be very lazy, skipping cleansing and directly washing your face before sleeping is too enticing, but is this going to help our skin in the long run? As they say,… Continue reading

Do something unexpected this MOTHER’S DAY

When I was a kid, I thought my mother did not love me. I was convinced and I used to cry because of that. I felt unappreciated, because I thought I deserved more… Continue reading

Brad Pitt and Chanel No. 5 – Ooo La La

The news is out, we all know what you are upto Brad Pitt. Shooting for Chanel No.5‘s ad huh? Good one. We are wondering how that will come out, because a male brand… Continue reading

Color Studio’s Crackle Nail Polish – Lets paint the world

Nothing is just black and white. Again, nothing is just black or just white. If you have an artist inside you, you can make everything beautiful, everything special. I am talking about nail… Continue reading

A trip to Heaven – The Body Shop

I do not know if this has happened with you guys, but I can count numerous occasions when I have been through the same drill. Last weekend it was my Aunt’s anniversary and… Continue reading