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Home-Based Solution to whiter Teeth and Nails

By Zahrah So these are the two things that I am obsessed about that I just need to have white teeth and stain-free nails because I personally think that more than anything else… Continue reading

Garnier Color Naturals – Do it yourself

Garnier Color Naturals, a very reasonably priced Hair color, has come up with a new tutorial series, ASK GARNIER. A very interesting initiative, aiming to educate the public about how to do stuff… Continue reading

Tutorial: How to remove stubborn Nail colors!

It is always a hassle to remove dark nail colors, especially¬†fuchsia¬†and red. You waste so much cotton and remover. I read about this technique on the net (I did not discover it myself),… Continue reading

The ‘ORIGINALLY Creative Blogger Pledge’ Campaign

I am really disappointed by the behaviour of some random people to sabotage the name of Pakistan Beauty Bloggers. Read Sara Hassan’s Post for details on that. I am therefore starting a campaign… Continue reading

Deal Alert! @ Sigma

How to – Reduce eye bags and eye circles!

  Mr. Potato has a trick up his sleeve, and this one really works. Try this out: 1. Cut a potato in slices. 2. Put a slice on one eye each for around… Continue reading

How to clean Make up Brushes!

Have you ever cleaned your make up brushes? Do you know that the dirt that settles on your brushes can cause pimples? The dirt gets mixed with the make up and stays on… Continue reading

Valid upto 31st July

Review: Loreal Paris Solar Expertise

It was for Rs. 175 only and I wouldn’t have bought it, if the shopkeeper hadn’t walked up to me and told me it worked. I don’t know why I listened to him,… Continue reading

Amina Raja’s Make up Classes

Are you free from school and college ? Here’s something exciting! Go crazy with makeup! Amina Raja’s makeup classes have started in Lahore, from yesterday, however, you can join in on the ones… Continue reading