19th Amendment Launches an Indiegogo Campaign

Press Release

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(July 3, 2013) – Fashion tech company, 19th Amendment, is running a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.com with the goal of raising $19,000 in supporter donations to innovate the future of the fashion industry. Our goal is to showcase the next generation of fashion designers who proudly manufacture in the United States.
With this Indiegogo campaign, 19th Amendment hopes to raise $19,000 by mid-July. Each donation will assist in fund 19th Amendment’s beta site build out to let consumers buy exclusive designs from independent designers. The consumer experience will be like a virtual version of the hit show Project Runway. For more information about the Indiegogo campaign, please visit


About 19th Amendment
19th Amendment is a virtual space for fashion designers to showcase USA-made designs, engage with consumers, and to sell directly to their supporters all on the 19th Amendment virtual studios.
19th Amendment’s model allows consumers to give constructive feedback to designers so that designers understand what their customers want. A design must have a minimum of ten purchases before they go into production in Brooklyn, NY.

Thanks to tiered manufacturing, the more a design sells, the less the cost of production, which means more profit for the designer and a lower cost for the consumer.

With an alarmingly high failure rate for emerging designers, 19th Amendment seeks to reduce the high capital requirements and lack of business and manufacturing knowledge. Our goal at 19th Amendment is to innovate the fashion industry by giving more designers a chance to succeed by giving them the necessary business and manufacturing tools and by giving consumers access to well designed, made in the USA garments.