Conspiracy Theories against EyetoEye

Remember those Memes on Facebook which go like: What if we are actually high and weed makes us normal, well, what if this man is not as intolerable as he projected himself to be? What if, what if, this world is not doomed after all and it was all a huge marketing gimic?

As per Taher Shah, it took him one and a half year to understand the idea of love, the theme behind the song EyetoEye. He says and I quote:

“as u all know dat in today era, almost everyone do lust not love. and love decrease after making it. its natural. so i want to have eternal love. i mean to say dat just keep your love in soul, never end it, and do love eye to eye. eyes r best meaning of contact and love. so just keep it and make love eye to eye and last 4ever”

Nobody in bollywood has yet learnt what love is and the industry has been struggling for decades! Kudos to you Taher, this was actually beyond anybody’s imagination.

God forbid, rumour has it he has been to Oxford. If that is the case, our conspiracy theory might just be true, since the way he expresses himself in a foreign language (full pun intended on his english) does not connect to his Oxford past. Oh and he uses the high school phrase “kthxbye” quite often on his facebook page.


But appreciation should be given where it is due, the song was launched backed by a facebook page and online content that people can share on facebook once they watch and hate the song. Also, we have different versions of the song in urdu and english, no singer in the past has been so considerate towards their audience. Well, there is a reason Taher shah is trending magnificently on Twitter ! My personal favorite, however, are the curls and the hair that have got some swagger throughout the video !

Oh and hello, I am back with an EyetoEye bang on my blog! Stay fashionable, EyetoEye! *Fingers crossed on it all being a marketing gimic*

Disclaimer: All in good fun.