Flare it up, Girls!

By Zahrah

I love the fashion these days in Pakistan. There were days when Patiala Shalwar and Short shirt ruled the fashion scene and that they did for almost three to four years, however now I feel the fashion is really open and flexible now. Girls today are freer to wear whatever they feel like and they are playing around with the general trends, mixing and matching the western with the eastern clothing is what is going on which is pretty interesting.

So the interesting fashion trend that is rising is the flare pants. Yes girls, the skinny jeans are about to get some real tight competition from the flare pants any time soon. It’s a good way to spend the extreme humid weather these days when jeggings, jeans and pants and even ‘chooridars’ for that matter are just unbearable to wear! These printed flare pants come a breath of fresh air where you can match them with nude colored blouse or a white top, with belt and a nice clutch.  They will look smashing as a casual outfit and if you accessorize them right, they can work wonders as formal outfits as well.

Here are some ideas for you showing you how you can try out flare pants and then you can add your spice in it.