Coloured Skinnys: Hit or Miss?

This summer, everything bold has been in. Starting from different shades of orange, moving on to Neon, trends have been all about experimenting with a burst of colors. Since ancient times, we have been wearing every color with our blue jeans, that one pair that we absolutely cannot live without. But trends are fast changing, and everyone has rightfully asked, why not add color to the legs?

I think it’s about creating the best combo. Red skinnys with a white top, absolutely gorgeous! But you have to maintain a balance, if you over do with the colors and the design of your tops, you might create a mess. It takes a lot of courage to wear such bold colors, seriously.

So, they are a hit for sure, it’s just that, their practicality is a bit of an issue. Get yourself at least one of these bright colors if you want to stay upbeat with the fashion, just make sure you don’t end up creating a messy-confusing-too much-color-in-one-outfit overall!

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