A Class of Sophistication – Iris Designs

If you still haven’t found the right kind of jewellery that defines the sophistication of our woman species, read further.

Style is a lifestyle, it is something you select out of what’s fashionable to express yourself. Style truly defines YOU. Iris Designs is a new and young brand in the market, with a collection that blends sophistication and royalty, affordable and within every one’s reach (they deliver at your doorstep). To find out more about Iris and how it came into existence, I asked Anum (one of the two sisters who took this initiative) a few questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself and how did you come up with the business idea of Iris Designs.

We are a team of two sisters who love indulging in clothes, shoes and jewelry – your typical women. While there has been a huge expansion in the area of clothes, jewellery and shoes haven’t seen much growth or innovation. Jewellery that is available in Pakistan is either too expensive or of dubious quality and hence the “need” led to this business!

Who coined the name Iris Designs? How does it describe what you do?

It was a late night “inspiration” 😛 Iris is basically a purple flower and there’s a pretty simple concept behind it. Purple signifies royalty and a flower is delicate, something that beautifies its surroundings.

When did you start?

Pre launched on the 20th of June of this year and opened for orders 6 days later. We’re really new!

Help us understand the concept of Iris Designs?

We try to keep our pieces unique, new things that will make our clients gasp with delight. So far, the response has been great Alhamdolillah and our items have been complimented many times, that they are very tasteful. We try to keep our collection affordable and are mainly targeting women who are looking for sophisticated jewelry to wear at both casual and formal occasions. Considering our jewelry is 18K Gold or White Gold plated, we personally feel it is very competitively priced.


How would you describe the style of your products?

Sophisticated, modern, classy

What are the materials used in your jewellery?

Our jewellery is mainly made of zinc alloy, but it is plated with real 18K real gold. This makes it very beneficial for those who are allergic to artificial jewelry and other metals. Secondly, the stones used in the jewellery is mainly Swarovski Elements. Swarovski is an Austrian jewelry brand, very popular in Europe and US. The jewellery has been encrusted with their crystals, known as Swarovski Elements plus high quality zircon crystals. If other materials are used in the jewellery, our customers will be informed accordingly.

What’s the price range of your products?

Starts from PKR 1,100 and currently the max has been PKR 4,500 for heavy cuff bracelets and bangles.

Imported or locally made?

We are exploring all options, not restricted to any one source!

Order based? What’s the method to order?

Not really. We are currently selling through our Facebook page and the method to order is to simply confirm your order with us and pay us through bank deposit. Items are dispatched through TCS on priority basis and the item is received the next day, nationwide. Cash on delivery option will be provided soon as well.

Is it just an online store or do you plan to display your collection somewhere as well.

Currently, just online, but we are talking to some designers to collaborate on an exhibition.

10.  Describe the woman wearing your jewellery.

Somebody who carries herself well and is up to date with the latest fashion trends.

What are your most popular items?

Rings! Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine the first thing to sell out would be rings! An extremely hot-selling item, delicate and chunky, both varieties! Next, earrings. Still testing the market with necklaces as we dint have much variety of those in the first collection. Our bangles/bracelets were also very well received.

What do you have to say about online selling trends in Pakistan.

Extremely encouraging. It allows all sorts of people to set up their businesses and take them to the next level. However, it requires sellers to be completely honest about their products and their quality for buyers to trust them. For one, our photographs reflect a very true picture of the quality of the stuff we carry.

In your business, what do you think is the most important ingredient to succeed?

Repeat clientele. Clients who begin to trust us blindly for the quality we provide and encourage their friends and family to buy from us as well.

Where do you see Iris Designs in the next 5 years?

It’s too early to say anything, we are hardly a month old!

To visit their facebook page and view their enchanting collection, click here.