A heart to heart with the Marketing Manager of AKS

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It might sound a bit twisted, but while writing this introduction, I am thinking about Perfume the movie. Why you might ask, well, I was thinking about jewellery, and how since the beginning of time woman has used it to decorate and beautify herself, thus from beautiful women and ancient times, Perfume came to my mind – the tale of the murderer who killed beautiful women for the search of that perfect scent (more on this later).

Komal Sultan, Marketing Manager AKS

Coming back to AKS; I had the chance to interview Komal Sultan, the marketing manager of AKS. A dynamic and passionate individual. There are very few people I have met in my whole life, who are actually working where they want to work, and Komal is one of them. She is a believer, and is following her dreams. 

About AKS, lets hear it from Komal herself:

Tell us a bit about AKS Silver?

AKS is the first Silver Jewellery brand of its kind, in Pakistan, which has made an entry in the market after a detailed market research on the need and preferences of today’s customer.  AKS offers exactly what its customers are looking for. It offers unique, traditional yet contemporary as well as classic jewelry collection from different origins around the world. We believe in giving our customers not just ordinary, but an extraordinary experience!

What’s the story behind the name AKS?

Well, the name AKS is very much interlinked to the ideology that Team AKS follows. I believe that Brand Name is the first thing that a brand needs to get registered in minds of its customers. And it should be something that exactly defines the ideology of the brand itself. So when we were brainstorming on different options that we had, the focus was always on coming up with a name that reflects our philosophy and we realized that it, already,  was very much a part of our basic ideology i.e Beauty is Timeless. And our brand is all about “Reflecting” that timeless beauty! So we thought that the name AKS defines it all.

What’s the AKS philosophy? Share your vision with us.

As I have mentioned above, our philosophy is that Beauty is Timeless. It has no boundaries and no limits. And Team AKS works with the vision of catering its customers with the kind of jewelry which is a Reflection of their inner beauty. AKS aims to bring out the hidden class and confidence in its valued customers. We believe that what you adore is what you wear and what you wear is what you are! And AKS is the kind of lifestyle jewelry brand that is helping its customers in Reflecting what they are!

Define the woman wearing your jewellery?

She is a woman of today. She is fearless and very confident about the choices she makes in her everyday life. She is subtle yet very classy. She is not a trend follower, but a trend setter. For her, beauty is not just a noun, but a long-lasting expression of confidence and grace. She is a kind of person who loves to experiment with new things because she knows that whatever she tries would look beautiful on her. Her outer beauty is a reflection of her inner-self.

Define Beauty.

I am a total follower of “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!” For a person to praise the splendor hidden in something, it’s important for him to have a beautiful vision. We often define beauty and associate it to the outer aesthetics of a thing or a person. What we fail to realize is that actual beauty lies in the purity with which God creates a person and man creates things. At AKS, we all believe that if we are providing our customers purity, the beauty will remain timeless and forever.

What’s the difference between fashion jewellery and just jewellery?

See, I believe that fashion jewelry is just another term. Fashion is not something that you follow; it is something that you create. Fashion comes and goes, what remains is the style. It is the style that defines you. So, any jewelry can look fashionable, provided, the person knows how to carry it with style. And I think that choice of jewelry is very personal because it is a perfect expression of a person’s style and personality. What might not be fashionable for one person may be very classy for another person. So, jewellery is jewellery, it totally depends on how one carries it.

 How would you describe your collection? Range includes?

Well, our collection is a mix and blend of very unique designs coming from different origins of the world. Each collection coming from a different origin reflects an exquisite expression of beauty, in its own way. For example, on one hand you will see our Turkish designs which are uniquely traditional yet very neat and classic. And on the other hand you will get to experience total delight in our extremely contemporary Italian and Swiss designs with Swarovski elements. So every article is a tale of beauty in itself. As far as the range is concerned, we offer a complete range of rings, earrings, chains, pendants, pendant sets, bracelets/bangles, bridal necklace sets and wrist watches. We also offer exclusive variety for males that includes ring bands, chains and shirt cuff-links.

 Imported or locally made?

Most of our collection is imported but we also offer locally made designs. Our collections are approved after a thorough quality control inspection by our quality control department in Karachi.

What’s the price range of your products?

Well, the price range varies depending on the product, design and type. But surely, AKS fails to disappoint as it has enough to offer to its valued customers of all kinds.

Where are your collections displayed?

Currently, we have launched in Lahore and Karachi only. You can visit AKS outlet in Vogue Towers on M.M Alam Road in Lahore. And we have outlets in Zamzama and Dolmen Mall (Tariq Road) in Karachi. We will be launching another outlet in Lahore and Karachi very very soon inshAllah, so just stay tuned!

How is it different from the rest of the stores?

We have put in a lot of effort in trying to provide our customers the best of experience not just in terms of the collection that we are offering but also in terms of the ambience and the customer service. Our marketing team has worked on the outlet theme, color combinations, displays and lighting with the help of pre-conducted market research. You will find all our outlets same in terms of the ambience and experience.

Along with this, we believe that the most important aspect that differentiates our outlet from any other outlet is our extremely dedicated and helpful sales team which always welcomes the customers with complete humbleness and make your experience memorable with their smiling faces and legendary customer service.

What are the latest jewellery trends?

The trend has shifted from heavy jewelry towards light weight jewelry items. Summers are the perfect time for light weights. A part from that pearls are once again the hottest new trend. Grey pearl is a relatively new trend in Pakistan now days. It is the classiest pearl I have ever seen and looks totally gorgeous in all jewelry items.

What are your most popular items?

Till now, we are overwhelmed with the overall response from both the markets, Lahore and Karachi. I can not really pick out one range because all our items have been received very well by the market. Our Italian and Turkish collections have been the favorites by now. A part from that, our rings collection is taking the lead amongst other product categories; especially the solitaire style has been the favorite of our customers!

In your business, what do you think is the most important ingredient to succeed?

Three things: innovation in Designs, top-notch Quality and Legendary Customer Service

Where do you see AKS in the next 5 years?

As the leading Contemporary Jewelry & Accessory brand of Pakistan!

Anything you will like to share with your fans.

Just one thing: Feel the beauty in you and you will find the whole universe beautiful!

Visit AKS’s facebook page to check out their complete collection and updates.

Thank you Komal for your time! 🙂