Falak vs. Khirad – whose a winner in style?

In simple words, like Barney puts it, Humsafar was legendary! But have you had had the chance to watch Shehr – e – Zaat yet? There is this inkling inside that it is going to be as big as Humsafar. It started off with showing us young Falak, who is an only child in a rich family,  spending some time with her grandmother. She is spoilt in her own ways, but basically not very religiously inclined. On the other hand, the character of the grandmother is that of peace, and righteousness – a sheer contrast to what Falak is. The drama holds attraction, and the dialogues and acting is amazing, and something keeps telling you there are going to be twists in the story that will make us all cry (that something is the trailers, to be honest, which shows clippings of the entire drama ;p).

Every Friday at 8 pm, I am glued to HUM TV.

But it is not the drama that inspired me to write, it’s Falak (Mahira Khan) and her clothes. Her dresses and looks have been designed according to her character, a typical yet stylish university student; Kurtis with tights, Jeans or T shirts, Pyjamas and our favorites in University – night suits. The look has been carried off too well by Falak, who looks pretty much comfortable in her skin. From simple whites to yellow and blue, the designer has experimented with open heart and there is a lot of variety, not just in clothes, but hair styles too.

Comparatively, Khirad(also, Mahira Khan), was simple and traditional. Trust me, you are not alone if you wanted to ask Khirad who her darzi (Tailor) was! Her clothes were flowy, with great stitching and beautiful cuts, the colors used were black and white and pastels. Everybody liked Khirad’s traditional outfits, but there was lesser variety through out the serial.

Out of the two looks, Falak is a winner for me. I am a fan of vibrant colours, and red lipsticks, for that matter.

That said, here’s to Mahira Khan, who looks great in both looks, be it modern or traditional. This, without doubt, is a true quality of a versatile model and actress.

To watch the drama, click here.

For Shehr – e – Zaat’s OST, by Abida Parveen, click here.