How to clean Make up Brushes!

Have you ever cleaned your make up brushes? Do you know that the dirt that settles on your brushes can cause pimples? The dirt gets mixed with the make up and stays on your skin, clogging pores.

I found this tip on It is one of the easiest ways to clean your make up brushes!

1. Mix olive oil and Lemon max, or any other liquid soap, together.

2. Swish your brush in the mixture till all makeup is removed (you will see makeup on the plate)

3. Wash the brush under cold water, you can use your fingers to wash off the mixture, make sure it feels clean.

4. Let the brush dry naturally. ( I once tried to blowdry it, and I felt pretty stupid, because the bristols melted – so do not try that!)

For a healthier skin, do wash your brushes regularly!