Eyes on you – Madiha Couture

With the rise in demand for ready to wear, there are a number of new outlets now open nationwide that focus on casual wear to meet the market trends. Some have gained considerable popularity like Ego and Daaman. It saves you tonnes of headache. Getting stylish clothes stitched takes a lot of time and effort.

Among all these, there is this Karachi based designer brand(currently selling online), Madiha Couture, whose in the market for the past one year now. This brand is also operating in a niche, which is, hand made clutches. And to this end, there is an exhibition in Zamzama on 6th, 7th, and 8th of July:

Madiha Couture FB

About their collection: I think there are a few very nice embroided pieces which will add color to any outfit. Since they are handmade, I am a bit concerned about their finishing, which probably I won’t carry to a formal occasion, but when going out with friends, funk is all I’m looking for.

Do visit and check out their exhibition, and I am sure you will find something to go with your casual funky summer wardrobe!