Review: Loreal Paris Solar Expertise

It was for Rs. 175 only and I wouldn’t have bought it, if the shopkeeper hadn’t walked up to me and told me it worked. I don’t know why I listened to him, I just did. And I am glad I did.

There are two huge windows in my office, even though the glass is tinted, I can feel the sunlight coming through.

How is sun exposure affecting us?

  • Wrinkles: UV rays break down collagen structure in our skin which is actually holding firm our skin.
  • Dark spots: These develop on face, hands or other parts of the body. Hyper pigmentation caused by sun exposure can lead to two-toned skin as well.
  • Skin damage: Over exposure can cause further damage by killing skin cells. Repeated skin damage can even cause cancer.

My biggest issue was two toned skin tone and brown spots, which I believe was caused by continuous sun exposure everyday.

I have been using Loreal Paris Solar Expertise for a while now, and here’s what I think is great about the product:

  • SPF 60
  • Is soft and easily absorbs in the skin, you don’t feel like there is a layer of oil on your face (Please note that originally, I have an oily skin, so this is a blessing)
  • Doesn’t make you look like a zombie (which means does not make your face all white)
  • It is very cheap!
  • And the best part – Two tones have reduced visibly!

What’s not so great about the product:

  • All of the above are true, but I use the product in very small amounts at a time and mix with water when applying. A little more and it gets heavy and oily.
  • I did face a few outbreaks after using it, although I am not sure if the cream was the cause.
  • The product has to be reapplied all day long for maximum protection.

Nonetheless, I like it and I recommend it for summers!
*People with sensitive skin, always consult a dermatologist before using products or carry out your own sensitivity test.

Happy Sun bathing 😉