Be a walking Social Message!

All the patriots out there, all the young who want to flare,

Life may pass in a glare, so make sure you give your share,

Wear a T shirt that shows you care, to get it click here ;p

Right there, I just wrote a short poem for Shahzad Roy’s new T shirt line. Behold their message:

Shahzad Roy FB

Shahzad Roy is a young singer and humanitarian and the youngest ever recipient of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz. With his patriotic songs, social entrepreneurship and recently the new show Wassu aur Mein on Geo TV, Shahzad is playing his part in doing something for his country.

We are a strong nation, we are fighting everyday. Every man has a story of struggle to flaunt to anyone who would care to listen. We are heroes everyday.

Shahzad Roy has launched his line of T shirts with social messages. The way I see it, it is giving us young an oppurtunity to expres what we feel about our country, our issues and our people. To let people know that the young and aspiring generation of Pakistan is conscious of what ever is happening around them, and is far from apathetic. Make a statement with Shahrad Roy’s new line, and be the change you all are looking for.