It’s Father’s Day tomorrow! :)

I wonder why Father’s day isn’t as hyped up as Mother’s day was – I mean all the celebrities crying on TV, companies offering discounts, Facebook statuses, and everything. Aww, poor fathers, sorry about that, but you are just as special for us!

I, again, do not have words to describe how wonderful fathers are! They want to protect you; from all the worries in the world, from the scorching heat of the harsh, from the wounds you might get from being adventurous, from heart breaks. They spend their energy, their time and their life providing for their family. I can’t, in my life time, return what my father has given me.

So, it is time to do something nice and thoughtful for your fathers people. It is always easier to express love for mothers, we can hug them tight any time, tell them whatever we feel, but with fathers, these lovey moments are rare, yet so special! I myself am confused on what to do for fathers – something that will show them how much we love them. If I could afford it, I would have gotten him a Mercedes. Maybe someday 😉

That said, lets move on to lesser expensive gift options:

1. A tie

2. A Designer Pen

4. Designer Glasses

5. A muffler if he is fond of collecting those

Last time I got him this wooden decoration piece which said ‘I love you dad’, it now lies on his bed’s side table 🙂

A year before that I got him a mug, which said ‘You are world’s greatest Dad’.

I think I also got him this ceramics plate once which said the sweetest things.

I do not know what I’ll get him this Sunday, 17th June, but surely don’t want to miss the opportunity to tell him I love him to bits! 🙂

P.s. I’ll share the picture of the gift on my facebook page for you guys!