Did you ask what is Fashion?

Fashion is me.

In my every move, in my slight flick of neck as hair cover my eyes, in my side glance as I look at someone who deserves nothing more than a side glance, in my subtle lift of eyebrow as I wait for someone who isn’t worth all that wait, in my momentary smile as I feel the wind rising in my hair, I embody fashion. Fashion is me and I am fashion.

You look at me with those quizzical eyes. What you don’t understand is how to fashion that quizzical look into a signature. A signature that is yours: unique, a singular snowflake on this vast field of mediocrity.

What you don’t understand is that you seek others to tell you what fashion is. You look at magazines, at tabloids, at fashion shows, at websites – you even look at that girl who just passed you in the mall. You are hungry to be on top of things, to be the forerunner of fashion, but the moment you look beyond your own self, you stop being the leader. You are the follower.

And God have you followed well.

That wardrobe, which includes each and every thing that has been in fashion for the last 20 years, that is your temple to Fashion the God, whom you worship and follow.

It is time to break those statues; it is time to be heretical. It is time to find yourself. It is time to find who you are and what defines you, what differentiates you, what explains you, what conveys your spirit, what encapsulates your soul, what embodies your spirit – and then unleash this upon the world.

Define yourself. Define fashion.