Review: CK’s Velvet Blush

I have made another discovery! This soft pink blush by CK is called ‘Desire’. I got it for Rs. 1100 however I think the shopkeeper ripped me off. I would highly recommend it for Summers and here is why:

  • Easily blends into the skin giving a natural pink tone
  • The packaging comes in a very convenient size and with a mirror. So I can easily carry it in my bag and blush up on the way
  • It is not glossy – which is a great point for Summers since all the oil on skin is already making us glow like a mango (I am saying mango because I look yellow due to all the oil 😉
  • There is one issue though, I like blushes with a generous brush but this one is a bit thinner to my taste. However given it’s small and easily fits into bags and even a clutch, I am overlooking this one drawback

I hadn’t tried CK blushes before but I must say I am highly impressed by the results of this product.