What are you wearing tonight!

This is from my favorite blog, whowhatwear.com!

Lets Pakistanize it a little bit! 😉

Friday work:

Well like I said, stripes are really IN this season, and that too with striking colors! Add some color to your day today. The weekend is almost here, and you are very excited about it, so show it! Make every one around you happy by striking them with a confident and colorful look. After work, it is hang out time with friends so be ready to have some fun today!

You can go for: Stripey bags, rings (I love those big ones you can find in Haroons), highlighter pumps or peep toes.

Saturday Night:

Be it dinner or movie with friends, or a family dinner, bling will help you feel the groove! Do not shy away from a blingy outfit because you are afraid you will overdo. Saturday night is all about party and look sexy while you can! High heels are a favorite, if you are going for a blingy shirt with jeggings, heels will add that hip touch to your overall look. Highlighter sandals can help too, if you are going to a rooftop. But it is a bit hot here in Pakistan, so it is probably not going to be an outdoor activity.

You can go for: Blingy shirt, Heels, accessories like blingy rings and bracelets and a tinge of good mood!

Sunday Brunch:

Laces my friends, should be your Sunday pick! Sundays are there to relax, catching up on family time, and for people like me who are busy all week, it is parlor day as well. I would go for a very light look on a Sunday. Laces make me feel like I belong to the period of those classics I love to read, e.g. The Woman in White.

You can go for: A light shalwar Kameez with laces all over. A laces bag (I am trying to find a perfect one and haven’t been able to yet! Any suggestions where I can find one for this summer?)

Have a happy weekend loves!