Summer Tips: Wood Eyeliners vs. Liquid Eyeliners

I was watching this soap the other day with my mother and sister, and it got kind of emotional. When my brother entered the room, I think we scared him and now he is scarred for life. We were crying yes, but since I love using eye liners I had had a liquid one on, which had spread all over my under eye area and I had to rub it for ages to get it off. (Eye area is the most sensitive and rubbing is a bad bad idea, the skin is quite thin and if you are not gentle with your eyes, wrinkles and what not is going to appear).

Any ways, the next time I went for my make up shopping, I decided to find the perfect eye liner that would not – for instance – scar people for life. In other words, allow me the freedom to cry when ever I want without the fear of spreading it and ruining my eyes.

When selecting an eye liner for summers, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • It should be soft – eyes are a sensitive area remember, you need an eye liner that glides smoothly
  • It should be comfortable to apply – the pencil version is by far the most convenient, I can even apply it sitting in a car without smudging it all over my face (not when I am driving though, because I need to keep the eyes on the road and I am no super woman)
  • Water proof (especially if you love to watch emotional soaps and love to cry over them)
  • The results should match those of a liquid eye-liner – dark and smoky, just like I like it!

The shop keeper suggested a number of them after I explained the list of requirements I had, out of which I picked two:

1. No. 7’s Pencil Eyeliner – with a smudger!

2. Makeover’s Wood Eyeliner!

I am using these and the results are fabulous – both do not drip (ThankGod!). I like No.7’s a lot more since it is a bit more creamy, and the smudger affect is amazing, it really highlights the eyes.

I plan to get a blue one too, I think I will want people to drown in the ocean of my eyes this summer! 😉