Top 5 Reasons Why Women Love Vampires

Is this true, is Ian really coming to Pakistan, is this really happening, pinch me please because I think I am dreaming !

A moment of silence while I gawk at this pretty face. *sigh*

This post is more for men though, because guys, women love vampires, and if you manage to be one fourth like one, I think in no time a lot of ladies will be head over heels in love with you.

Here are top five reasons why women love those blood sucking monsters:

1. Vampires are moody. Even though a girl might not admit it, but drama is every girls favorite. And vampires have that a lot. They are a mystery, and since women are the most curious creatures on the face of this earth, you have your answer:
Man+ Mystery = ‘You’ve got all my attention’  – The Ladies

2. Vampires are strong. Women need to feel safe. Even though they might want to project themselves as independent souls who can fight with the world on their own, strong is what every girl is dreaming about. I am not suggesting muscle strong, but that’s like cherry on top. Women can go without the cherry too, men just need to make them feel protected.

3. Vampires are the ‘bad boys’. A heart wants what it wants. A ‘sharif’ boy hardly ever manages to grab attention. The weird part is, even though women know bad boys will be bad boys, they still fall for them. I will put a full stop here and not go into how a bad boy can be a total jerk, but for starters, bad boys always, always get the limelight!

4. Vampires are loners. A woman craves for attention. And if her man is a loner in some ways, that is best for her since she will get all the time she needs! Vampires do not have so many friends, so when they have a girlfriend, they obssess about her all the time. What else can a woman want!

5. Vampires dress well. This one, my friends, is the most important! Vampires are good looking creatures, and they have a sophisticated sense of dressing. Stinky boys who do not change their shirt for days – are girl repellers, in the true sense!

So just a parting advice: SUIT UP!

P.s. I am so sad The Vampire Diaries season ended a week ago, I can’t wait for the next one!

P.p.s. Come back soon my dear dear vampires!