I am married to Peach and It’s been Hot

My standard look had always been rosy cheeks and mascara, a little bit of gloss and unruly hair (I never brushed my hair) – then I got married to peach. Peach blush, and peach lipsticks to be specific. Trust me, now I feel things have really heated up, if you know what I mean 😉

Summer 2012’s hottest trends:

1. Peach for the lovely, orange for the loud!

There are a million shades of orange, other than the red orange, I think I love all the rest! Orange however is not suitable for work, so I prefer wearing peach. But when it’s hang out time – dinner with friends or a family day trip to the mountains, orange is a must. Plus pictures come great when you wear a bright color, I am just saying.

Picture Courtesy: Depilex FB

2. Lips and Nails!

Gloss is always in, but have you tried something new lately? Matching your lips to your nails! The last lady look in the picture below is my favorite. Orange or red nail colors can be worn to office too, I won’t recommend the lipsticks for office.

Secret sources say, that Matt make-up will soon get ‘in’ too. *Waiting*

Picture Courtesy – MAC

4. Stripe it up!

I love zebras. Do you too? Stripes and polka dots never go out of fashion actually. This Summer, why don’t you try bolder stripes. Not just in clothes, but in shoes and handbags. Accessorize and stripe it up – for that younger, yummy look! Also, strips make you look thin (at least in my case).

3. Highlight your feet!

Neon colors, and the silver ones are the hottest pick for this season!

Picture Courtesy telegraph.co.uk

Stay tuned for more on this!