Fawad – We love you man!


When Humsafar put up a repeat episode one Saturday, we were all frustrated and heart broken, however there was this spark of happiness inside that we will have another week of the Humsafar craze! The drama however had to end and it did, leaving us all waiting for the reappearance of Fawad and his ever so charming looks!

Well, wait no more!

Here’s the first look of the new serial ‘Ashk’ on Geo TV with Fawad Khan in it, but what’s more exciting is this play is being directed by our very own Sarmad Salman Khoosat – the extremely talented director who puts in that extra ingredient in every show which makes it extraordinary!

The million dollar question is, like Humsafar, is this show going to be legen – wait for it – darrrryyyyy?