White and Gold – and Some Almost Naked Men

Today it’s Day 3 of our HSY week!

I am talking about HSY’s PFDC Fashion Week 2012 theme yes! The show was a true entertainer! Like I mentioned, there were quite a lot of almost naked men around šŸ˜‰

Revisiting History, HSY has worked as a choreographer for as many years as a designer, and we are glad he offers something new every time! Last year, the theme had moreĀ coloursĀ in it, but we did see a lot of golden and black:

Seems like golden is HSY’s favorite color! I have a question for you all though, will you be a golden bride on your wedding or go for the traditional red like the most of them?

Picture Courtesy : HSY

Picture Courtesy: HSY FB

I think HSY-the-gold-lover can change your mind there!