Fashion on your finger tips: HSY Smartphone App

Since we are celebrating an HSY week, I have another interesting piece of information to share with you guys!

Approximately, 1 million new handsets are sold in Pakistan per month, and smartphones are a small 6% of the total sales. However, this smartphone owning trend is on the rise. And for a Designer who is successfully selling his brands all over the world, a smart phone app makes sense, no?

You can view the App screenshots here!

The app will provide you with the latest updates, give you a chance to look at the collections, read Fashion news and so much more! Well done HSY on this initiative!

I love technology and how it makes our life so easy. I can vision all the moms getting smartphones and getting all these designer apps, and soon the talk of town it will be.

Behold Mom conversations:

First Friend: Oh did you download the HSY app

Second Friend: Which one?  *feeling embarrassed that she hasn’t*

Third Friend: *proudly* Absolutely, I did it weeks ago! Have you seen the new collection!

First Friend: “OMG I am totally getting the golden one”

Third Friend: *Opens mobile app and checks which golden dress the friend is talking about*

Second Friend: *Slipped away as she was too embarrassed and felt too outdated*


Mom: Beta I checked on facebook HSY collections can be viewed on your mobile, bring your phone here and show me!

Me: Urghhhh Mama *closing gmail, msn, facebook, twitter and whatsapp on my phone and loading the HSY app*

Out of the two scenarios, I hope moms get techie! 😉