Spotted: Ayesha Khurram and her new ‘cheap’ Line

I saw Maat e Jaan’s Lead Sarwat Gillani wearing this very interesting outfit, which made me very curious and my inner researcher came out to root the talent behind it. Maat e Jaan is my alternative to Humsafar, although the drama has failed to make me feel emotional, I still like the soothing environment in the drama and I am hoping to see a twist in the story soon.

Coming back to the dress she was wearing, belongs to Ayesha Khurram’s new line. The best thing about this range is, it is priced at around Rs. 3000 and less.

“I think the new range is perfect for working women who are looking for trendy and exciting clothes to wear in order to stand out and look good in the working place,” says Ayesha Khurram.

Ayesha Khurram’s range is available in her M M Alam and DHA outlets in Lahore, and is to be displayed in Labels in Lahore, Ellemint Pret in Karachi, and L’Atelier in Islamabad.

Orange is the  flavor of the month!

This season, orange is definitely going to rule the world! If your wardrobe is yet deprived of the freshness and tangyness of orange, I suggest you go on a search mission and get yourself one of these. You can go to Ayesha Khurram’s facebook page and check out her dresses, especially the ones in orange! I would say the Marilyn Manroe dress is my favorite too!

Especially all those working ladies out there, like Ayesha said, here’s your chance to make a statement.

My last words: Less than Rs. 3000 – enough said!

Picture Courtesy: Ayesha Khurram’s Facebook page