Behold: Fresh Milk is in fashion too!

I am serious. This was all over Lahore a few days ago.  Given the massive lawn fever in our country, it is only logical a brand targetting Mothers uses that somehow, but a cow wearing lawn suits… err…  okay.

I somehow do not get their tagline ‘Fresh Milk is in Fashion too’, or the cows dressed up in lawn suits. However hard I have tried, my brain fails to admit it is all logical and falls into place – other than that the cows have become stylish yo! This campaign can have two results:

1. Women are turned off by the images. (This is what happened with me, my first impression was, are they saying there is no difference between women and cows? That was not a pretty thought).

2. Due to the humour intended in the campaign, the brand gets a recall value. (No one would miss cows dressed up like this, I got to admit, my eyes popped out when I saw the billboards).

It will be interesting to see how successful the campaign turns out to be, but Kudos to the marketing team for having the guts to try this one out!