Color Studio’s Crackle Nail Polish – Lets paint the world

Nothing is just black and white.

Again, nothing is just black or just white. If you have an artist inside you, you can make everything beautiful, everything special. I am talking about nail color, but forgive me for the philosophical touches, sometimes I just cannot help it.

Color Studio, after launching crackle nail polish, proves itself as the most innovative make up brand in Pakistan. It’s make up products are so amazing, I am actually enticed to eat up their lipsticks sometimes. True Story.

Picture Courtesy: Color Studio Pakistan Facebook Page

Crackle Nail Colors, launched in January, 2012, are for Rs. 350 0nly. The product has a lot to offer. There are three easy steps:

Step 1: Apply a base color and let it dry completely

Step 2: Apply crackle color in a single coat

Step 3: Voila! Flaunt those sexy nails!

There are lot of options to mix and match different colors, so you can select the one that goes with your mood. Added benefit? These nail colors are chip resistant, so they protect your nails from the ugly chip offs. My personal favorite are the highlighter colors, and red.

Talking about experimenting with colors, have you guys tried Water Marble Nail Art? It is truly inspiring!  You might think there is a lot of work involved in that, but really, it is just 4 easy steps.

Picture Courtesy:

Step 1: Apply a nuetral base color on your nails.

Step 2: Take water in a bowl, drop two or more nail colors in the water and create swirls using a toothpick. Just mix them together!

Step 3: Apply tape around your nails (Not on your nails!)

Step 4: Dip your fingers in the water. Remove tape afterwards!

Step 5: Be awesome!

You can create any kind of designs in the water – let the inner artist unveil.

I will try and share a tutorial soon, I am not doing videos right now, so stay tuned for that! 🙂