Pure Indulgence – Wedding Photography

As soon as I graduated – everyone on my facebook’s friend list started getting married. I am not kidding. The girls I can understand, but boys from my batch too? Really?

Every weekend I had a new album to check out and there came a point when I wanted to get married too, facebook-pictures-pressure I will call it, instead of the old and gold ‘peer pressure’ we used to talk about. (I am back to being sane now, the wedding fever is gone). But I am only one of the many fish in the pond who feel the same. I had never noticed it, until a friend pointed out – as soon as a girl/boy puts up their wedding picture, the ‘number of likes’ and comments like ‘aww’ and ‘oooooh’ begin to shoot up like crazy.  Yes, even boys get more than 3-4 likes on their profile picture – everyone loves wedding pictures. Here I would like to refer to the who came first – egg or chicken dilemma – I am not sure if the trend of sharing wedding pictures on facebook came first or the very different- out of the box- wedding photographers did, the end product we have all grown to love. Have you liked any of their pages? I would suggest you do, and indulge in wedding pictures like I sometimes do (oops, did I first say that the fever was gone? Not quite all of it).

Here are a few I love, and I am definitely going to get a fun shoot on my wedding. You do not have to act like a stuck up, stuffed neck bride. It’s time to change people. And indulge (never forget indulge!). Natural and fun is the way to go.

Sitwat and Insiya Photography

K Bridals

Fine Art Weddings

I would have included their pictures here, but its better if you guys go check them out yourself!