A trip to Heaven – The Body Shop

I do not know if this has happened with you guys, but I can count numerous occasions when I have been through the same drill. Last weekend it was my Aunt’s anniversary and I had no idea what I can get for her. The Body Shop is the answer to all my gift queries – and it has never let me down; be it a friend’s wedding, a reunion with a long lost friend, mother’s day or simply me in need of a retail therapy. I always find a perfect gift for everyone and anyone (and all at very reasonable prices). So this weekend when I went to The Body shop, the trip was nothing less than a trip to heaven. Here I would like to add my life dream is to open up a scent’s shop, where all day I am breathing in exquisite aromas. Ah!

I am a ROSE:

Picture Courtesy: The Body Shop Pakistan Facebook Page

Have you tried this yet? The Body Shop’s Lip and Cheek Stain is for Rs. 1450 only, but it’s Rose Pink shade has been the most natural blush on for me. I have a fair/pink skin tone, and just a little bit of liquid is fine to give me the natural blush that I need everyday for work, keeping-make-up-to-minimum. You just have to apply small amounts on the cheek, and spread it with your fingers. (This is not relevant, but a make up artist once told me eye make up is best done when shades are applied with fingers, Holla!)

Rose Pink Lip and Cheek Stain: 10 on 10!

I am a Japanese Cherry Blossom:

Picture Courtesy: http://beaut.ie/blog

I am not sure how I define this fragrance, I can only define the feeling that I get when I smell it. It’s sweet, yet not too much. It has a certain freshness in it. Sometimes there are weird Body Shop scents, but this one I am sure everyone will like, because it is light yet soothing, it is delightful! The Cherry Blossom body lotion is a must have in my bag (the 60 ml bottle), and it is best for summers because it is so light on the skin. It gets absorbed really quickly – leaving behind soft skin and a scent that freshens you up – the lotion lets your skin breathe. Your skin needs hydration all day long, and I love pampering my skin. Not to mention, I also use the Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel for scent that lasts longer.

Japanese Cherry Blossom: People will ask you what scent you are wearing!

Upcoming and Happening:

Picture Courtesy: Fashioncentral.pk

The Body Shop has launched this new scent called “Ananya” recently, the next time I visit my Heaven, I am sure to try this one out.

P.s I bought this citrus smelling body butter for my Aunt. It was nicely packed 🙂