PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week featured in Vogue !

I was too excited to read this, so I wanted to share it with you all ! Our very own PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week got featured in VOGUE! Imagine that!

“…its one that has high hopes about joining the big fashion leagues in the future”

Jessica Bumpus writes about how the fashion infrastructure is now changing in Pakistan. Fashion shows before were just a means of entertainment, but designers have come together to change that. It is now about providing a platform to the talented lot in Pakistan to display their designs, and it is focusing on growing. This definitely shows prospects. Thanks to Sunsilk, the excitement was felt all over the country over this fashion week, where designers like HSY, Karma, and Kamiar Rokni displayed their diverse fashion ranges. Soon the Pakistan Fashion industry will match all international standards. Kudus to all the hard work!

The article appreciates the vision of the upcoming designers, like Azeeza Desai, who are focusing on meeting high standards, or like it says, ‘bigger picture’:

“It’s all very well looking at the collections with an international hat on but, as Mrs Saigol points out, these designers and the PFDC have to be strong in their own local retail market first and foremost. Again it comes back to infrastructure while keeping an eye on the overall bigger picture, which of course plays a significant part in the long run.”

Jessica also mentions that the PFDC store is now open in Pakistan, where the designers can rent space and those who sell, stay. So the fashion show is also about business now. The PFDC store is a one stop shop for those who are shopping for weddings, events, gift exchanges or whatever. A chance to pick the style they like best from a range so vast you literally need breaks in between (I say that because I have visited the store myself and my arms were pretty tired after the first few rails and I had to sit for a while before carrying on with my dress search). Also, this is perfect for all the mothers who spend too much petrol on shaadi shoppings going to every designer in every nook. Let’s hope the store keeps offering us the best of bests forever.

The article ends with these words for PFDC Fashion week, filling my heart with joy:

“It promises production; infrastructure; enthusiasm – Pakistan Fashion Week in Lahore is on its way and we look forward to checking back in with it and watching it grow.”

This article is a must must read:

Hope to keep you updated on everything fashion in Pakistan, let me know what you think!