How to be creative when dressing up for Work!

I have been reading about the Do’s and Don’t’s of dressing up for office, since it is an everyday dilemma for me, I will like to share some of my own ideas with you guys!

First and foremost, the objective matters. With work places, I have shifted my wardrobes. When I used to work in a creative agency, I always went for colourful attires, some times casual jeans, with accessories to go with them. These things perked me up and brought up the energy in me to work in a highly creative environment. As I moved on to a bigger organization, my wardrobe changed a lot. I wanted to look highly professional, and the organizational culture didn’t allow much to experiment. This is how I got creative with my dressing up:

  1. Comfort is a must when working, so I got a lot of Kurtas with collars made for myself, and got a few ready-made shirts from EGO, Ethnic and Bareeze. I love the ready to wear stuff since I have lesser time to design my own clothes due to packed schedules.
  2. Red, yellow, and pink is a BIG NO. In wanting to project myself as a serious and mature individual, I think color selection has helped me a lot. In fact I have started wearing black so much, my driver once asked me if I was a lawyer.
  3. I also prefer churi daar/tights instead of lose trousers, since they give a neat and sleek look. Its smartness and comfort packed together in one.
  4. A wrist watch! I have gotten rid of the beady necklaces that I used to wear, and now my favourite accessory is my wrist watch. Again, it looks highly professional. Although, I am thinking of shifting to a bigger dial, maybe I will get a new one with a little bling on it. That looks high class and professional! I also wear glasses now, okay I have to confess my eyesight got a bit weak, but nonetheless the glasses added to my personality a very mature and serious look, exactly what I wanted!
  5. Opt for subtle shades, but not dead shades. Remember, colour defines your personality!
  6. Shoes: I love buying shoes, and there are no compromises on that! I bought some really nice ones from Panache and Walkease, they are bling, but they really compliment the entire ‘high class’ look that I have maintained.
  7. A few other pointers: Do not overdo with the cologne. Make sure your clothes are well ironed. And always go light with the makeup, use concealer for your dark circles; a liner and little bit of blush on is enough. I used to use kajol for my eyes, but it spreads under my eyes, so for me liner is a better option.
  8. Last but not the least, observe what your boss wears, since boss is always right! It will be helpful especially if your boss is a female, because men do not really have much option to diversify with clothing, it’s we girls who have these privileges. 🙂

I will love to read your suggestions and experiences about work fashion in comments  below!