Ladies – Its Fawad Khan!

Clear Anti-dandruff is back!
The Anti-dandruff and scalp care solution, known for the stiff competition it has created for the older ‘dead and shoulders’ brand, and it’s fantastic advertising campaigns is back. Readers will remember the Brands association with top celebrity sportsmen and women such as Real Madrid favorite Christiano Ronaldo and Asian tennis sensation Aisam-Ul-Haq. The brand is back again, and this time, one of the country’s top rock stars is on board too! Fawad Khan, fresh from his recent success on the silver screen, charms you in a sleek advert, peers at you smilingly from billboards & appears to promote his message well. Well done Clear and well done Fawad Khan!
Nutrium 10 technology
There must be a thousand-and-one ways to get rid of dandruff. Oil is the oldest of remedies, most touted to work, as are coal, tar or even ash, while egg based compounds, citric juice, cold water and many types of conditioners, shampoos and even scalp lotions are the remedies of the modern world. One thing no one, two or even three remedies combined have ever achieved, is a long term and sustained resistance to flake buildup and dandruff. This is where Clear Anti-dandruff is one step ahead.
Separately formulated for men and women, Nutrium 10 technology is an essential diet of 10 vitamins and mineral nutrients combined, that deeply nourishes the scalp to a depth of three layers and achieves the removal of flaks, relief from itchiness and reduced dryness, which combine to keep your scalp healthy and your hair clean and fresh.

Flaky Facts Game
One of the toughest games to hit the internet in a while, Flaky Facts combines the speed, thrill and simplicity of a good social media gaming experience with the value of a blog or FAQ page. The setting is a head of beautiful hair, beset by ghastly dandruff flakes. The head is also inhabited by the elusive dandruff troll.
The game starts out slow… You have to aim to kill the flakes of dandruff that randomly appear around the hair. The elusive troll also appears, and capturing this troll (by clicking) wins the player a fact. Players must complete a certain number of points and also capture 5 facts from the troll to move onwards. As the stages progress, the game becomes more challenging. One cool feature is that you actually get to read the facts you capture. These ‘facts’ provide short but very useful bits of information and answer a lot of common questions that people have about scalp care and dandruff .