Why is Women’s Day not your Day?

I don’t know why, people always find something negative to talk about on the happiest of moments. It was interesting to read this article on Express Tribune Blogs titled “International Women’s Day is not my day“. It reminded me of all the people who say; I don’t want to celebrate my birthday because I am one year closer to death. Hello. I like to celebrate my birthday because I like to celebrate life, and seriously, I also support those who celebrate Women’s day because  it feels nice reminding one self every now and then that we should appreciate things worth appreciating in life. International Women’s Day came into existence to promote equal rights and suffrage for women. It marks the recognition of women as beings who have equal right to vote. Why can’t we, Pakistanis, start seeing the positive side of things. This day marks a great shift in world’s history, lets not spoil it with our negativity.

I have a routine in life. I bet every one does, and sometimes it gets so monotonous that I need to be shook out of it. All the articles about Women’s Day today (and Facebook statuses) made me read about great women in Pakistan, it brought to my attention issues that I had become immune to, and made me read into them and feel inspired to do something about it.

I will celebrate life, and I take everything positively. Women suffer/fight everyday of their lives thus Women’s day should not be celebrated, I mean, come on! I will celebrate International Women’s day, and I will celebrate World Cancer day when that comes, and the Child Abuse Prevention Day when that comes. These days are special and recognized, because everyone in the world agrees that these are causes worth fighting for. It reminds us what is important in life. You may sometimes get frustrated by looking at all the suffering in the world, but there is no reason to shun what good is left.

My today was marked with enlightenment, I hope you come out of the darkness too.


Ray of hope.


Here’s a link to the article I am referring to: http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/10563/international-womens-day-is-not-my-day/

No offence intended. All in good faith.

(I feel strongly for women who are heroes everyday, and I want to appreciate them for the rest of my living life, I will not wear pink shirts saying “Happy Women’s Day” because then I will be a victim of corporatism (I think I made that word up, but you get the point right? I am clever enough not to fall victim to their marketing and manipulation), but I recognize this day as special, I see no harm in looking at things with the glass-half-full attitude !)