Imran Khan’s Tsunami – or not

Be warned, they are here, they will rob you of all your money, and more importantly, your sanity.

We thought winters are over, but the winters decided to stay a little bit longer. But look what’s new in town, lawn exhibitions! You will have to admit it is stupid to start shopping for summers already when we just had the last few dresses stitched for winters the week before. But it is happening. what does Imran Khan know about Tsunami, he didn’t see the lawn tsunami last year, when every one launched a lawn brand, and every one was sold out. And that too in batches.

This is not a post, this is a confession. I went out and bought three lawn suits myself a few days ago. It was so much fun, and it made me so happy, I think I am addicted. I think something I did not realize last year, is that it really is fun shopping for lawns and be a part of the rat race, try it. I am a nishat fan now, and I think their ad on TV is the best compared to the rest a bit weird ads of GUL AHMED 2012 for example. And their lawn is the softest. So aneways, Gul Ahmed lawn is out too, and so is Junaid Jamsheds Lawn collection for 2012. I read somewhere there are going to be 108 lawns launched this summer, tsunami much?

Oh but dear all, this is just “Volume 1” phase, there is much much more to come! Stay steady, and save for the last few volumes too 😉

Here is the lawn calendar (this is so exciting!) I find out on


26–29: J. Lawn (Karachi)

27: Kesa by Lala collection in stores


4-7: Mausummery Lawn

7–9: Nadia Hussain Lawn

10-12: Warda Lawn

11-14: Yahsir Waheed Lawn

13: Asim Jofa collection in stores

23-25: Kayseria Lawn

24-26: Rizwan Beyg Lawn

26-29: Shamaeel Ansari Lawn

(All being launched in Karachi)


1: Maria B collection in stores

2–4: Kamiar Rokni’s Bonanza Lawn (Karachi)

8-10: Rosy Patel Lawn by S&S Textiles (Karachi)

8–10: Sobia Nazir Lawn (Lahore)

9-10: HSY Prints (Lahore)

10: Khaadi Lawn in stores

13-15: Hira Lari Lawn by Afroze Textiles (Karachi)

13-15: Kamal Lawn by Elan (Lahore)

Mid March: Sana Safinaz

Mid March: Karma

Mid March: Deepak Perwani

24-26: Misaal Lawn by Ayesha Hussain, Sanya Munir and Seveen Munir (Karachi)

Nomi Ansari 

Mahnoush Lawn by Arjumand Amin

Umar Sayeed by Al Karam

Faiza Sami by Al Karam


Wardha Saleem Lawn

HSY Nation collection in stores


Sonya Battla Lawn