I will start gym – tomorrow!

Eating excessively and then determining every day to start gym tomorrow. Guilty.

This is the new trend, and many of my friends, including my mom, are the victims of this thought. We indulge, and then feel guilty about it, and our indulgence is soon followed by this one line to wash away the guilt – I am starting gym tomorrow, next week, next month and so on.

When is the tomorrow going to come?

Reality check: Tomorrow will never come! Join it today, otherwise it is not going to happen. Joining a gym won’t magically transform us into hot babes, it always takes more than that!

Three easy tips to stay in control:

1. Eat with TV off. Research shows you take in 40 percent more calories when you eat while watching TV.

2. 5 minutes of push-ups daily

3. Start your day with a glass  of warm water with a teaspoon of honey – this is believed to create a chemical reaction which creates hydrogen peroxide, a natural antibiotic!

If you are lazy and tired of all the guilt and want to live a free, fat life, no one will stop you! Suit yourself 😉