Does your Facebook profile define you?

Since the beginning of time, we have read that our actions define us, if we don’t know someone then we can start by learning about them from what they wear, their selection of colors, shoes maybe, oh and maybe the color of their hair? What do you see when you want to judge the personality of a person, lately, there has been an addition to how we measure people. Facebook profiles. It’s the new in thing. It’s the Facebook profile that shows how popular some one is (number of friends), how socially active they are (wall posts or check ins) and gives you a chance to glance through ones life (pictures and albums). After going through a person’s profile, you now know too much.

Why is Facebook a reliable source to know a person?

According to ATYM Market research, 74% of the sample sign in to Facebook daily, thus Facebook is something we spend too much time on, and this social networking site has made everything in our life about social . We share, because we care! 🙂

Why people have shifted?

Since everyone is spending so much time on Facebook, it’s now easy to look up someone’s profile then go through the hassle to actually meet a person (Or keep meeting him/her). Haven’t talked to your old friend for a while? Its easy, visit their profile, read everything they have been up to, and drop a wall post. We are lazy, and Facebook has made us lazy minus guilt.

To stalk, people use Facebook, for everything else there is google.


Those were the good old days when people used to judge a new acquaintance through the clothes they wore, or the way they carried themselves, or the colors they preferred, it was easy then, to impress. We could be whoever we wanted, and present ourselves like we wanted. Now, its out of our control. I would say, beware, because people know about you more than you think, and dressing up formally for an interview might not help because the interviewers have probably already seen your profile picture, yes, the one in which you are posing in your night suit trying to look cute.

Sincere advice: Stop focusing on your looks, focus on your Facebook profile! (Gotta stay in the light ya? Facebook is fashionable, it’s the new in thing, ADOPT IT, LOVE IT, LIVE IT!)