How to apply Base that lasts all day long!

Recently, I have come across this really effective and for the first time useful make up tip, and I would like to share with you all. It was always a dilemma because by the time I reach the middle of the day, my make up got washed away giving away a dead dull look. But no more. Here are three easy steps that I have discovered, and this is how it works:

1) Step 1: Apply the concealer

The best concealer that is really effective for me is Kryolan’s TV Paint Stick. I have attached a picture, its for around Rs. 850. Apply it to cover red areas of the skin or any dark spots you wish to conceal. Use a sponge to spread it over the areas.

2) Step 2: Liquid Base

Use the one that suits your skin, I use Etude’s liquid base because it blends in really well and gives a glow after it settles down. I use a sponge to apply it all over my face to make the skin tone more even.

3) Step 3: Apply Compact powder

For finishing touches, and a matt look, brush compact powder all over your face. This helps the base to last all day long!

Try and let me know if it works for you!