Top Three Coffee Places in Lahore!

Tell me, don’t you feel like having coffee and brownies every now and then in this weather? It’s winter dears, and I have shortlisted three places where you must go. Take some time out of your busy chores, I know days shorten and 24 hours seem less in winters. But somethings in life should not be missed. And coffee and dessert is on the top of the list!

Feel that rumbling in your tummy? 

And i quote: ” Jump start your day at ESPRESSO, when the coffee machines start pulling espresso shots, enjoying the best breakfast and brunch one can get in Pakistan. Pop in all day to catch a bite, have a coffee or just meet up with friends till late at night. Open from 8:00 am till 1:00 am on weekdays and till 2:00 am on weekends, ESPRESSO is here to serve you!”

There menu contains twelve kinds of hot coffees, and their bread pudding is a must! It melts in your mouth, and you realize there is nothing better in this world!

Coffee Tea and Company

I thought they have grown old, and I thought with all the new places opening up CTC will probably lose it’s charm. But I have been proven wrong. With their mouth watering dishes and amazing drinks, CTC still remains the talk of town. Not only is it a place for the young, it attracts the mature crowd too. Need a break from office/house/university/school routine? CTC is where you ought to be. Located in Gulberg Lahore, CTC serves the best kinds of breakfast and it is the best coffee place too. A few even call it the Starbucks of Pakistan.

P.s I love their desserts too.

Bistro 201

Just because of it’s view, Bistro has made it to the top three list. Located on upper mall, Bistro is a lovely experience every time I go there. You can see almost half of Lahore from the roof top. And the ambiance is great. Even when you are not hungry and are looking for some peace, Bistro 201 is your heaven. You can clearly hear the sounds of the beautiful city that Lahore is, and yet distance yourself from the cacophony of your daily life. From all the dishes that I have tried, I like their thin crust pizza and hot cappuccino the best. Stuffed chicken is also another dish worth trying. A little disclaimer though, I like the view and the feel of the rooftop cafe more than the food.

So, which one’s your favorite?