All that glitters, is IN!

Gone are the days when wearing glittery items was considered to be paindoo. The latest thing these days to wear is bling, but be careful ladies, wear bling in a dignified manner so that you may fit in and STAND OUT!

Here’s telling you 3 best ways to wear bling. (All the rest is boring for us)

 1)      Cocktail rings: They are very much in and are available in the styles of like floral or chunky stones. Pick one that suits your style, and while going out wear a cocktail ring and you’re done for the day.

2)      Pendant: The celebrities are doing it so why can’t you. Wear a nice pendant with lots of stones that pop out to the crowd. Match them with the dress or just white diamonds would do.

3)      Shoes! Go to any store these days and you’ll find that the shoes are glamiciuos! Try out the outlets like Unze and Walkeaze for the fun shoes. Shoes with jewels are liked very much these days and they go with almost everything, be it formal or semi formal. I got a few very good bargains in Haroons Lahore. Chappals with bling or heels with bling get just about anything to show you’re fashion forward.