PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week

The fourth PFDC Fashion week will be held in Karachi this year, from 20th to 23rd October 2011. More than 24 designers will participate in the fashion week, and I am really proud of my country’s designer industry, which is flourishing and coming together to promote fashion. It is these collective efforts that will help our fashion industry to prosper, and reach larger consumer base, nationally and internationally. I recently had the chance to visit stores like 10 Q and Texheeb near MM Alam road Lahore, where you can see a variety of designers showcasing their collection, it’s a one stop shop for consumers like me, and I can decide better, get a reasonable bargain maybe?

Plus I think these platforms will also push healthy competition and promote both quality and quantity. Reminds me of my O/A Levels and first year of university when I read about demand/supply in Microeconomics. Prices always fall when there is competition, not in the case of luxuries though. So I don’t about the price, but really, don’t you think it is a nice initiative by our fashion designers to come together, the more the merrier right?